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Vitamins & Supplements Canada - National Nutrition

Shop our site for only the highest quality discount vitamins and minerals offered at everyday low prices. We offer a wide selection of supplements like our vitamin C supplements, vitamin A supplements, vitamin E supplements, vitamin D supplements, vitamin B12 supplements, a full body antioxidant supplement, heart health supplements, digestive enzymes, rose cleanse and many other vitamin nutritional supplements offered in our store. If you are looking for discount vitamin supplements, we offer a vast selection of only the best vitamins, and we encourage you to buy vitamins online from your one stop online discount vitamins shop.

Featured Products
This Month`s Featured Health Articles:

Natural Egg Shell Membrane for Joint Care

Natural Eggshell Membrane (or NEM) is fairly new to the supplement market, but is already attracting some loyal fans. Mind you, it doesn't hurt when Doctor Oz features Genuine Health's Fast Joint Care on his show, either! NEM contains naturally occurring glycosaminoglycans and proteins that play a vital role in maintaining healthy joints and connective tissues..
[read more]

Pre-workout Supplements: What to look for!

Congratulations! You made it to the gym, and you're working out on a regular basis. Now the question is how do you optimize your exercise regime to get the most out of the time you spend at the gym? By adding in a pre-workout supplement with ingredients such as caffeine, beta-alanine, l-arginine, creatine, waxy maize among other things, you�ll notice a huge difference in the results you get without upping your gym time.
[read more]

Coconut Oil 101

Getting the several health benefits of coconut oil doesn't have to be hard. And the benefits it provides? Priceless. Here are over 75 ways how you can incorporate coconut oil into your lifestyle, which includes cooking, beauty regimen etc. and how they can help solve some of your simplest and most complex health problems.
[read more]

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Sports Nutrition Supplements: your complete guide

With the Winter Olympics just around the corner, who doesn�t want to know how to optimize their health and fitness results. By using things such as creatine, glutamine, protein, BCAA�s and changing things in your diet and exercise programs, you can make the most out of your time.
[read more]

It's time to start drinking Matcha daily!

The word is spreading that Matcha has nearly 10 times the catechins found in Green Tea. One cup daily is loaded with antioxidants and is recommended by Dr. Oz. Because matcha consists of powdered purified green tea leaves, when it is taken as tea or in food, the entire leaf is ingested.
[read more]

Dr. Oz Top 14 Natural Supplements of 2014

Dr. Oz has influenced a lot of our healthy choices this past year, whether you like it or not. By bringing popularity to Konjac, Raspberry Ketones and CoQ10 just to name a few, here is a closer look at what supplements we think he will continue to shed light on in 2014 - just in time for your New Years Resolutions!
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Enzymes and Probiotics
Protein Powders:  Whey Protein and Vegan Protein
This Month`s Natural Health Videos

Dr. Gifford-Jones, MD and Naturopath Dr. Marita Shauch: Heart Health with Medi-C and Natural Hormone Balancing

Dr. Gifford-Jones stopped by to tell our in-store National Nutrition customers about the new Lysine and Vitamin C supplement based on research by Linus Pauling, Peferred Nutrition Medi-C Plus. Naturopath Dr. Marita Schauch joined him and delivered a fantastic lecture on hormone balancing with the WomenSense supplement Adrenasense, Estrosense, and Thyrosense.

Joyous Health with Raw and Superfoods with Joy McCarthy, Holistic Nutritionist

You'll be J-O-Y-E-D to hear that holistic nutritionist Joy McCarthy, author of the new book "Joyous Health" is one of our regular NN seminar speakers! Check out her last natural health event with us - Joyous Health Through Detoxification. Joy will be visiting us again Wed. October 17th with Sam Graci, the formulator of Greens+, along with Stewart Brown founder of Genuine Health.

Omega-3 and the Full Fat Solution with Karelene Karst, Registered Dietician

Karlene Karst, formulator of the SEA-licious line of fish oil based Omega-3 supplements, and author of the "Full Fat Solution" joined us in the winter and both educated and entertained our local National Nutrition customers. Check out her opinions on the Terry Naturally Curamed brand of enhanced curcumin. We're happy to announce that Karlene will be returning in 2015 to tell us more about Omega-3 and Omega-7.

Brenda Watson on Her New Book, "The Skinny Gut Diet", Or How to Lose Weight By Taking Probiotics

Renewlife founder Brenda Watson's new book, The Skinny Gut Diet, is based on clinical research that she herself conducted on the power of probiotics. She proved that by optimizing gut bacteria for optimal health that significant weight loss can also be achieved - using Renewlife's Ultimate Flora line of probiotics.  National Nutrition interviews Brenda and she talks about the Skinny Gut Diet. 

Go To National Nutrition's Youtube Channel


What's New For this month

Registered Dietician Karlene Karst's new Omega-3 supplements, the Sealicious liquid Omega-3 oils are a great tasting way to get your fish oil Omega-3 nutrients. 

 Natural Factors revolutionary new line of wholefood based nutritional supplements, Whole Earth and Sea multivitamins. Better quality supplements, better absorption. 

  Moringa is the
new green superfood supplement. Rich in enyzmes and minerals!

 Broccofusion from Newco is a broccoli based topical treatment to support healthy cell growth and is high in Sulforaphane, I3C and DIM. Newco's Broccogen is the high potency capsule form.

 Emu Oil is a fantastic natural skin care supplement - Kalaya Emu Oil is 100% pure and makes your skin glow.  Try it with Naka Silicea Gel, our best-selling silica product.

  Keep mosquitos away with all natural, DEET free Druide bug repellent.  Fortified with citronella oil and other pure essential oils. Try it with Vitamin B-1 internally!

  Lypospheric Vitamin C is the latest in therapeutic vitamin C supplements.  Coated in a phospholipid base, Livon Labs Lypospheric C is packaged in convenient packets.

 Allimax is the ultimate in standardized odorless garlic supplements.  Allimax Garlic contains 300% more allicin than Kyolic aged garlic.

 Rooibos tea is the South African caffeine-free herbal tea that tastes alot like regular black tea, but with more antioxidants.  Try Tega's Rooibos tea instead of regular green tea.

 Want healthy hair?  Try Hebal Glo natural shampoo - it's free of SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) and enriched with nutrients like biotin and silica to help your hair grow thick and strong.  Herbal Glo is formulated by pharmacist Darryl Segal. Supports healthy hair grow and fights hair loss by both supplying nutrients while giving you a clean head of hair.

  The latest in natural, low-glycemic sweeteners is Yacon syrup from Rainforest and Organic Traditions. Derived from the Yacon root and containing FOS (fructooligosaccharides), Yacon syrup is an effective way to sweeten food without spiking your blood sugar or insulin levels - Yacon syrup is great for diabetics.

 DMSO is now available in Canada! Both DMSO liquid and DMSO gel from Life Choice support anti-inflammatory responses and joint health.

St. Francis Herb Farm liquid herb extracts are the Naturopath's choice. Hepato-DR detoxifies the liver, Deep Immune boosts the immune system, and Strest supports adrenal function.

 New Pre-Workout from Vega Sport! The Vega Sport Energizer is now available in Sugar Free!  Low in carbs, it gives you that energy boost during your workout. The next generation in vegan sports supplements. Try Vega Sport Performance Protein. 

 Dr. Julian Whitaker is back with a new Forward Plus, and a reformulated Vision Essentials.

 Help National Nutrition save thousands of kids this year with our Vitamin Angels charity promotion. With the purchase of each Health First supplement, National Nutrition will donate $1 to the Vitamin Angels.  Check out our Health First Buy One, Get One Omega-3 liquid.

 Active Aloe Vera from George's Aloe - with the highest polysaccharide content available. George's Aloe is an extracted aloe gel with a clean non-bitter flavour. Try Lily of the Desert aloe in whole leaf or internal gel.

 Medi-C Plus... The latest from Dr. Gifford-Jones.  Based on research by Linus Pauling, Medi-C Plus contains active Vitamin C and Lysine to optimize arterial health by supporting collagen production. Check out our latest Dr. Gifford Jones video!

 Bach Flower Remedies are often recommended by Naturopathic doctors to homeopathically support emotional Health. The original Bach Flower selection is the original and most recognized flower essence remedies and includes the famous Rescue Remedy, now available in Rescue Remedy Spray as well as Gum, Cream and Lozenges. Try Bach Flower's new Rescue Sleep formula.

 New natural health and nutritional supplement articles!  Baobab fruit is a superfruit rich in antioxidants, Nitric Oxide is a potent vasodilator derived from the amino acid Arginine, Ribose is an energy boosting natural sugar, and Tocotrienols are active and therapeutic forms Vitamin E.

 Vitamin K is now available in Canada in both MK-4 and MK-7 Vitamin K Forms.  Prairie Naturals Vitamin K now on a buy one, get one free deal.

 Vegan Protein - give them a try!  Vega Sport Protein, Progessive Nutritionals Harmonized Vegan Protein, Sunwarrior Rice Protein and Warrior Blend Raw Vegan Protein. Based on pea protein, but also containing active chia, rice, and hemp protein, these vegan protein supplements are easily digestible and complete protein sources with all essential amino acids.

 Lorna Vanderhaeghe's new healthy women's supplements include:  Ironsmart liquid iron, Active Collagen silica supplement, Magsmart powder magnesium, and GLA skin oil in both Skinsmart liquid and Skinsmart capsules.  The top women's health guru, Lorna Vanderhaeghe also produces supplements for hormone balancing.

 Friendly bacteria are best taken as a probiotic supplement.  Probiotics are the healthy gut flora and need by the body for healthy digestion.  Natural Factors Acidophilus and Bifidus and Renewlife Ultimate Flora Critical Care are National Nutrition's best-selling probiotic supplements.

Brad King Male Energy supports optimal testosterone production, while Her Energy balances excess estrogen levels.  Both Male Energy and Her Energy now available on BOGO!

  NEM is the latest in joint health supplements. Natural Eggshell Membrane contains active proteins that help to rebuild cartilage and soft tissue.  Genuine Health's Fast Joint Care gives joint pain relief in as fast as seven days.

CoQ10 - Which form of coenzyme Q10 is the best; ubiquinone or ubiquinol?  Standard CoQ10 is effective for optimizing immune system and heart function, while ubiquinol Q10 is therapeutic and is ideal for those concerned with angina, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.
 Looking for hormone support supplements?  Womensense by Preferred Nutrition has the nutritional solutions. Adrenasense for adrenal support, Thyrosense for thyroid support, and Estrosense for estrogen balancing.

What's the better super food -  Chia seed or hemp seeds? Organic Traditions brings you both.  Rich in Fibre and Omega-3 oils, Organic Traditions Chia Seeds and Hemp Seeds are easy to eat and are raw to preserve their nutrients.  Try them with Organic Traditions Goji Berries. A Canadian supplier of superfoods, Organic Traditions is owned by Advavntage Health Matters.

Garcinia and Coleus are Dr. Oz's latest healthy weight loss diet supplements.  Free of stimulants like, ephedra, Dr. Oz says that both garcinia and coleus support normal blood sugar and thyroid function.

 Go Coconuts for Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil.  Nutiva cold presses their coconut oil and it's rich in healthy MCTs and other healthy fats.  Rich coconut flavour.  Try our new Coconut Water from Blue Monkey and Coconut Palm Sugar from Organika.

Herb-E-Concept brings you LTO3, an active an active fish source DHA supplement for supporting healthy concentration. Derived from natural herring roe extract.

 The Super Easy Multi selection from Platinum Naturals are easy to swallow in their softgel multi caps.  Platinum Active-X multis are the ultimate multivitamin for younger people.

MegaFood's selection of whole food multivitamins ensures optimal absorption and activity.  National Nutrition's best selling raw multi is Megafood One Daily.

 Go Wholefood and Raw with Garden of Life Great Greens, a 100% organic greens supplement.  Get Great Greens on BOGO right now with Garden of Life's Raw Protein. Raw supplements are better!

 Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil is Australia's best selling and purest 100% natural tea tree oil liquid. Now tea tree oil is a reasonably priced essential oil alternative.

 Terry Naturally's Curamed is an active curcumin extract in an easy to swallow softgel capsule.  Curcmin is the active ingredient from the Indian spice turmeric and is used in Ayurvedic medicine to control inflammation and arthritis pain.

 The latest in Magnesium supplements is here with Canprev Magnesium Bisglycinate.  The choice of Naturopathic Doctors, the glycinate form of Magnesium is more active than standard magnesium citrate.  Canprev's quality control is the supplement industry's gold standard.

Featured Vitamin and Supplement Manufacturers

AOR - Canada's Clinical Potency Nutritional Supplements brings you Advanced Orthomolecular Research's clinical strength supplements. AOR Advanced B Complex busts stress and boosts energy naturally; Advanced B Complex is available in a new money-saving 180 capsule size bottle. Bone Basics by AOR is now available in a larger bottle, too! AOR R+ Alpha Lipoic Acid is a superior antioxidant supplement & detoxifying nutrient. Also from AOR is Ortho-Core, the antioxidant and immune multivitamin. AOR's adrenal support formula, Ortho-Adapt, is recommended for energy and stress. Thyro Support (formerly Thyro 100) provided enhanced nutritional support for for healthy thyroid function. Sam-E by AOR supports healthy mood, while AOR Mag-Malate Renew is and ideal supplement for Fibromyalgia support. Prostaphil 2 is AOR's top selling prostate supplement, while Strontium Support 2 builds bone density.

- Liquid Nutritional Supplements - Silicea, Milk Thistle, and Vital-Greens

The supplier of the famous Hubner Silicea Gel and liver detoxifying Mariendistel Milk Thistle Liquid, Naka's selection of nutritional supplements includes their best selling joint and arthritis supplement, Naka Nutri-Flex.  Nutri-Flex reduces joint pain naturally. Read the reviews of Nutri-Flex + Vitamin D! Combine the cartilage rebuilding effect of GLS with the anti-inflammatory power of MSM in Naka's powerful joint health formula - Glucosamine and MSM! Or, try Naka Glucosamine and Chondroitin combination to rebuild cartilege. Naka's Vital Greens is Canada's complete greens supplement with green superfood supplements spirulina, chlorophyll liquid, chlorella, and wheat grass.

Natural Factors
-PGX Daily, Slimestyles & More!

Canada's leading supplement manufacturer is Natural Factors, with therapeutic potencies supported by nutritional research. PGX Daily is Natural Factors effective weight loss supplement that cuts appetite and reduces glycemic index. Natural Factors PGX is also available in Slim Styles Meal Replacement shakes - they taste great! Add PGX to your food with PGX Granules. Rx Omega is Natural Factors high potency Omega-3 supplement. Superior Coenzyme Q10 in Ubiquinol form is available in Natural Factors Ubiquinol 100mg, while standard COQ10 100mg is available as a bonus pack!  Natural Factors vitamin E contains active mixed tocopherols for best absorption, while BetaCareall is formulated with mixed carotenoids like lutein and lycopene.
They're natural source vitamins!

Metagenics - Genetic Potential Through Nutrition

Metagenics is a life sciences company and the premier manufacturer of science-based medical foods and nutraceuticals, including UltraMeal. UltraMeal by Metagenics is an ideal meal supplement also available in UltraMeal Rice, Ultra Meal Plus, and UltraMeal 360 Plus. EPA DHA is Metagenics omega-3 supplement, and is available as EPA DHA 720, EPA DHA Complex, as well as EPA DHA Balanced liquid and EPA DHA 6:1.  Multigenics is Metagenics complete multivitamin, available in iron-free as well as Multigenics Intensive Care.  If IBS or Colitis is your concern, then Ultra Inflamex provides active intestinal support, available in three flavours! Leaky Gut can be serious health concern, but not with colon wall-rebuilding Metagenics Ultra Clear Sustain / GI. Try Ultra Clear PH to alkalize the body! Ultra Flora Plus DF Capsules helps to maintain a healthy balance of intestinal flora. Metagenics Magnesium Glycinate contains the most active form of elemental Magnesium available!

Sequel is now Vega!  Plant Based Nutrition in a
Vegan Smoothie

Reformulated and a better protein shake than ever, Vega One from Vega / Sequel Naturals is now enriched with Savi seed aka Sacha Inchi Seed protein. More complete than the original Sequel Whole Food Optimizer, new Vega One contains active Macasure raw maca root powder and Chloressence green superfood chlorella nutritional algae. Vega Sport Performance Protein is ideal for the vegan or lactose intolerant athlete. Their sport nutrition selection includes Vega Preworkout Energizer as a preworkout supplement, Vega Sport Endurance Gels for during workout energy, Electrolyte Hydrator for replacing electrolyte minerals, and Sport Recover Accelerator as a post-workout supplement. Vega Sport Protein Bars are an easy way to get your vegan protein when you're on the run.

New Roots Herbal: Even More Quality Vitamins and Herbs.

New Roots Herbal features high quality, clinical strength nutritional supplements, including New Roots Prostate Perform for optimizing prostate health. DMSA is New Roots Herbal's heavy metal detox supplement, while Ageless Telomeres is their anti-aging supplement for seniors health. Oregano C-93 is the strongest Oregano Oil Supplement available with 93% active carvacrol. New Roots Vitamin C-8 is an enhanced vitamin C supplement; Vitamin E-8 is New Roots' enhanced vitamin E supplement with added tocotrienols. Sterols and Sterolins by New Roots supports immune, heart and prostate health.  Sterols and sterolins are oil based essential nutrients.'s latest SBT Seabuckthorn oil supplement is New Roots Seabuckthorn fruit oil and Seabuckthorn seed oil - both 100% organically grown.

Bell Lifestyle Products: Supplements for Active Seniors

Bell Lifestyle Products, featuring their "Must Help or Money Refunded" guarantee manufacturers over 60 nutritional supplements, including their original Bell Shark Cartilage. Bell Lifestyles' Libido support supplements, Eroxil for Men and Erosyn for Women support healthy sexual function, while Bell Prostate Tea for men optimizes prostate health and Bell Bladder Control Tea for women supports healthy bladder function. For young and old affected by Acne, Bell Help For Skin Disorders detoxifies while it improves skin health naturally. Dr. Gifford-Jones recently endorsed Bell Calming Chronic Stress with active, stress busting holy basil. Bell Lifestyles Curcumin 2000x is our best-selling curcmin supplement. Try Bell HRT Menopause Combo for hot flashes.

Now Foods - Bringing you your Favourites!

Renew Life is Canada's number one manufacturer of cleanse and detox supplements. Founded by nutritionist Brenda Watson, Renew Life also produces a line of clinical potency probiotics to promote optimal gut health and digestion. CleanseSmart is Renewlife's 30 day program for whole body detoxification, while First Cleanse is a great way to detox if you haven't done any cleansing previously. The specialty cleanses, Paragone and Heavy Metal Detox address parasites and heavy metal toxicity respectively, while Renewlife Liver Detox Kit detoxifies as well as supports overall liver function.  In addition to being Renewlife's product formulator, Brenda Watson is also an author, with her latest book being The Skinny Gut Diet, which discusses the use of probiotics for weight loss.

Brad King's Ultimate Supplements

Brad King's selection of vitamins and nutritional supplements is ideal for people who want to increase energy, lose weight and reduce stress.  Ultimate Anti-Stress by Brad King is calming, but keeps you alert, while Brad's Male Energy increases testosterone and decreases estrogens. Her Energy is Brad's hormone balancing formula for women. If you need to loose weight and increase energy, Brad King Ultimate Lean Energy provides, energizing, fat burning nutrients. Ultimate Starch and Fat Blocker contains carb-blocking white Kidney Bean extract to keep you fat-free!  Brad King Ultimate Libido optimizes desire and performance with horny goat weed, damiana, and zinc;  Ultimate Prostate supports prostate health with clinically proven sterols, nettle, and lycopene.

Genuine Health - The Makers of Greens+, O3Mega & Fast Joint Care

Genuine Health, the leading formulator of Greens Supplements in Canada, is the maker of Greens+, the original green superfood powder. Available in Greens+ Detox for detoxification, Greens+ Extra Energy for an added boost, as well as Greens+ Bone Builder for bone health. Get the benefits of a multivitamin and a greens supplement in one product in Genuine Health's Greens+ Multi. O3Mega is Genuine Health's innovative selection of Omega-3 supplements, including the best selling Perfect Skin. Need to elevate your mood naturally?  Try O3Mega Joy! Genuine Health Proteins+ is one of the highest quality whey proteins available, and it mixes and tastes great. Combine it with Genuine Health Abs+, a CLA and Green Tea supplement combo for burning abdominal fat. Get joint and arthritis pain relief fast;  Fast Joint Care is made from NEM, natural egg shell membrane that actually rebuilds cartilage in 7 days.

Organika - Offering the 2For Best Deals!

A National Nutrition favourite, Organika Health Products brings us high quality supplements, like Active Acidophilus � the heat stable probiotic that�s great for traveling.  For digestion, pair it with Organika Full Spectrum Plant Enzymes to digest your food better. It�s a multi enzyme for all food types.  Organika�s Pacific Salmon Oil is wild harvested fish and is molecularly distilled.  The first on the market, Organika Alpha Lipoic Acid is a dual solubility antioxidant.  Pycnogenol Pine Bark Extract offers superior free radical protection, and it�s the original clinically Pycnogenol brand! Organika Konjac Root has a high glucommanan content, which makes it ideal for balancing blood sugar. Try Organika�s Spirulina Powder or Spirulina 1000mg for convenience;  they�ll power you up with greens. Organika Spirulina is now available in organic!

Organic Traditions Wholefood Supplements from Around the World

From Canada's east coast comes Nova Scotia Fisherman Skin Care.  Feature Atlantic sea kelp, Nova Scotia Fisherman was recently featured on CBC television's Dragon's Den.  Nova Scotia Fisherman makes Xtreme Skin Care Bar Soap, Xtreme Skin Care Hand and Body Lotion, Extreme Skin Care Rescue balm, and Xtreme Lip Care.  This unique brand of natural skin care products were formulated by "Captain" Perley Beairisto to weather the harsh winds Canada's east coast... and every where else.

* All articles copyright National Nutrition 2001-2018. For educational purposes only. Please note that while National Nutrition supports your right to use natural health care products for any therapeutic purpose that you see fit, that the information on this website should not be considered as a claim or as a substitute for medical advice.

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