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Manufactured By: Quantum Nutrition Inc.
Code: QNI1170
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(Savings: $10.00)
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Garcinia Cambogia is a small fruit that resembles a miniature pumpkin. It's indigenous to India and parts of Asia, and an extract from its fruit and rind is popular in many natural weight loss products. Schinoussa's Garcinia Cambogia Fit supplement contains 1500mg garcinia cambogia per capsule. Dr. Oz referred to this formulation as "The Holy Grail of weight loss supplements"! [VCAPS]


Garcinia Cambogia 50% (HCA) 1500mg
Calcium Citrate 50mg
Potassium Chloride 25mg




No fillers or binding agents used in this formulation


Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA)


Weight Loss Tips

Articles by a Naturopathic doctor.



 Increase energy
 Dr. Oz talked about this formula!
 Helps curb appetite
 Weight loss
 Holy grail of weight loss supplements



Take 2 capsules with breakfast and 1 with lunch daily.



Each ingredient in Quantum Nutrition products is 100% natural with highest efficacy and quality. Designed to assist with weight loss and well being.  

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HCA - What is it?

Hydroxycitric acid is a derivative of citric acid that is found in select tropical plants, including Garcinia cambogia and Hibiscus subdariffa.It is also a common ingredient in Indian and Thai food, as a condiment and flavoring agent, in curries and chutneys.

HCA and weight loss

HCA has recently been included in a variety of weight loss supplements based on research that suggests it plays a role in lipid metabolism and glucose absorption. Animal studies have shown that HCA can delay intestinal glucose absorption, preventing spikes in blood sugar and therefore the need for the body to produce high levels of insulin. Large and fast spikes in blood sugar can be correlated with a higher risk of obesity. A slower release of glucose and insulin also means satiety is longer lasting, leaving you feeling full for longer periods. These studies have not been conducted on humans and as of yet, these blood sugar regulating and appetite blocking effects are only speculative.

HCA and cholesterol

Studies are also suggesting that HCA can have a positive effect on lipid profiles, reducing total cholesterol, LDL lipoproteins, triglycerides and serum leptin levels. Leptin circulates in the body at levels that are directly proportional to body fat, also referred to as the ‘full hormone’ it has been shown to send signals to the brain that the body has had enough to eat. In these same studies, HCA has also been shown to increase HDL cholesterol levels and excretion of urinary fat metabolites. Some researchers believe it exerts these lipid-regulating effects by inhibiting an enzyme in the body that converts carbohydrates to fat for storage. Further studies need to be conducted to validate these studies.

Where do I find it?

HCA can be found as a component of many weight loss combinations, most commonly in capsule form. It is also available as a part of a proprietary blend of herbs aimed at weight loss, called Citrimax. Garcinia cambogia, or tamarind, is a small fruit that contains HCA extract in its rind and may be the source of HCA in many supplements. Supplements containing garcinia cambogia may label it as GCE.

Dosage and Safety Information

Guidelines for dosage range from 500-1000 mg before meals, up to a maximum dose of 3000 mg/day.

There is very little information about the safety of HCA, or Citrimax for use as a supplement. The little we do know suggests that supplements containing HCA should be used with caution. Some individuals using products that contained HCA experienced severe liver damage, while others reported cardiovascular, neurological , gastrointestinal and respiratory problems while taking supplements containing HCA or garcinia cambogia. In 2009, the US Food and Drug Administration issued warnings against many products containing high amounts of HCA for these reasons.

Individuals who are taking medications for diabetes should use HCA with caution or speak with a health professional before using. It may also exacerbate muscle degeneration in individuals taking statin medications, which are known to cause rhabdomyolysis in some individuals. There is also the possibility that HCA may worsen dementia and Alzheimer’s disease and should not be used by individuals already dealing with these conditions.


1) Increase your fibre

It's difficult to grasp, how something that actually slows digestion can also help to support healthy weight loss, but that is just the case with FIBRE. Fibre is very difficult for the digestive system to breakdown, but it tries none-the-less! In the process of trying to break down these hard to breakdown plant fibres, digestion slows. Refined carbohydrates normally increase blood sugar. This increase is less noticeable when fibre is there to slow the rate at which these sugars are being released into the bloodstream. This prevents spikes in blood glucose as well as large bursts of insulin, which inevitably will cause us to store fat. Because fibre slows things down a little, it also helps to increase satiety, leaving us feeling full for longer, an added bonus to anyone looking to lose weight. High fibre diets are those that contain an abundance of fruit and vegetables, legumes, beans, and WHOLE grain products (NOT refined carbohydrates). Aim to get anywhere from 25-35 g of fibre/day. Increase fibre slowly and be sure to increase you water intake at the same time.

2) Eat more protein

Making sure to include adequate protein in your diet is one fail proof way to ensure healthy weight loss. Protein, combined with exercise, has a number of weight related benefits. First off, when getting adequate protein, you maintain lean body mass while still shedding fat. You also build muscle faster (as protein is a necessary building block for muscle). One pound of muscle burns 70X more calories at rest than 1 pound of fat. In other words, the more muscle you build and maintain, the more accelerated your weight loss will be. Be sure to vary the sources of protein you are eating. Animal protein tends to be much higher in saturated fat, cholesterol and calories. Try to chose lean sources of animal protein, like fish and chicken, and combine them with plant sources for a more well rounded, heart healthy diet. Try whey protein in your morning smoothie, it's a great 'whey' to start off a protein-rich day.

3) Drink Green Tea

Green tea is not only a healthy and tasty alternative to coffee, but it's high in antioxidants and its weight loss effects go far beyond it's caffeine content. Green tea contains a catechin polyphenol called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) which has significant antioxidant activity, preventing oxidative/free radical damage. Studies have shown it to have cancer preventing and cholesterol lowering effects, as well as decrease overall risk of cardiovascular and liver disease. EGCG has also been shown to enhance thermogenesis, increasing our ability to burn fat for energy more efficiently. As if all these benefits weren't enough, green tea contains L-theanine an extract that has been shown to relieve anxiety and depression and improve sleep quality without causing drowsiness. This means no jitters (a la coffee) and better sleep, which also supports healthy weight loss. Drink up.

4) Eat Healthy Fats

Yes, fats can actually help to support your weight loss efforts, the right kid of fats, that is. Regular consumption of healthy fat actually trains your body how to burn fat more efficiently. Omega 3 rich fish oil, when combined with moderate exercise, has been shown to increase weight loss, when compared to groups who used exercise alone. There is also some evidence to suggest that fish oil supplementation alone can increase metabolic rate and fat oxidation, while decreasing body fat. For a healthy diet, 20-35% of your calories need to come from fat. It's all about the right choices. Keep trans fats and saturated fats to a minimum. Don't cook with oils, but instead supplement with fish, flax evening primrose or borage oil. Use cold pressed oils or extra virgin olive oil on salads and add after veggies are cooked for added flavour. Include raw nuts and seeds, like chia and walnuts into your daily routine.

5) Decrease Sugar

I had to put this next, because it really goes hand in hand with increasing healthy fats. We used to think that fat was at the root of all weight gain. This started a 'low fat' food revolution that sadly still exists today. These products tend to be extremely high in sugar and often have a similar caloric intake to their full fat counterparts. The problem is many people still don't understand that SUGAR MAKES YOU FAT and they are really not doing themselves any favours. Cut out ALL refined sugar in your diet. It's that simple. You will need to get out the magnifying glass a read a few labels to do this. You'd be surprised the foods in which sugar is hidden. If you are having intense cravings, try healthier alternatives like stevia and xylitol, just remember that moderation is key with these, as well. Chromium has also been shown to help control sugar cravings, if you feel as though you need a little added support.

6) Use Portion Control

Time is something we never seem to have enough of these days. We go and go and realize eight hours later that we haven't had a stitch to eat since breakfast. We then eat a huge and heavy dinner and head to bed to start all over again. This pattern needs to change if you want to achieve real, sustainable weight loss. Eating 5-6 smaller meals throughout the day may require a little more planning on your part, which I realize takes up a little more of your precious time, but it is worth it in the end. When we go long period without eating, our blood sugar drops and we usually make unhealthy choices when we get the chance to eat again, because we're beyond hungry. The next thing we eat then causes an unhealthy spike in blood sugar, again leading to an unhealthy release of insulin and inevitably increased fat storage.... and the cycle continues, and continues. Smaller portions, more often throughout the day, can do wonders to regulate blood sugar and promote healthy weight loss.

7) Reduce Stress

Cortisol is a hormone released by our adrenal glands in times of stress. Ideally cortisol should peak early in the morning and decrease as the day goes on. Nowadays, this pattern is rarely seen. We are stressed out, meaning either we have prolonged high levels of cortisol throughout the day or our adrenal gets exhausted from overproduction and we don't have sufficient amounts. The bad news is, that either way you look at it, weight gain will be the result, as are cravings and fatigue, which once again lead to us making the wrong choices when it comes to food. I cannot STRESS this enough, you need to get a hold of your stress- take time for yourself, unwind and do something you enjoy. Stress reduction can and will make you a happier, healthier and slimmer person. Consider herbs like Rhodiola, Ashwaganda and Holy basil for added adrenal support and help in regulating cortisol levels.

8) Have your thyroid checked

Adrenal function cannot be mentioned without also addressing thyroid function, as these hormones are so closely related. Thyroid hormones, or more specifically thyroid hormone deficiencies, may be the missing link in terms of achieving sustainable weight loss. Thyroid hormones control the metabolic function of the body. If were are deficient in these hormones, often very common in postmenopausal women, then our metabolic rate suffers. If our metabolism is sluggish, weight gain is inevitable, no matter what we are eating. Ask your MD or Naturopathic doctor about having your TSH checked and ask to see the results yourself. Although anything below a 5.5-6 is considered within the 'normal' range, studies show many individuals have symptoms at levels as low as 2 or 3, including difficulty with weight loss.

9) Exercise

Does it really need to be said? Weight loss is absolutely impossible without exercise. If you are someone who is already exercising, make sure to vary your routine. Include both cardiovascular and resistance training exercises (You remember what I said about muscle... right?). If you are new to the world of elliptical machines, start out slow. Walking for 30-40 minutes, at a pace in which you can still carry on a conversation but increases your heart rate, even 3-4 times/week will help to stimulate weight loss. As soon as that becomes easier, you can start stepping up the pace, or introducing some weight training into the routine. Find a friend who is interested in joining you, it makes the routine a little more enjoyable and you'll find its easier to stick to a schedule when there is someone else depending on you to do so. We still have a few months before the snow falls (AHHHHHHHHHH!), get out there and get active.

10) Don't Diet

Significant and sustainable weight loss is a lifestyle. Don't be discouraged if you slip up and have one last ice cream cone before the season is over. Don't beat yourself up if you miss the gym one day. Just get up the next morning and start all over again, doing the right things. Don't deny yourself the odd treat, just don't do it everyday. Diets don't work, but small, simple and lifelong changes in eating and exercise habits DO! Weight loss is really just disease prevention by a different name. A smaller waistline is only a small side effect of an overall healthier you.

2 Customer Reviews
5 Star: 100% 2
Average Customer Rating
5.0 out of 5 stars with 2 reviews 5.0 out of 5
100% recommend it to friends
4 Star: 0% 0
3 Star: 0% 0
2 Star: 0% 0
1 Star: 0% 0
5 out of 5 stars Body Fat Reducer
by from Ontario on 27/9/2015
Recommends it to Friends: Yes
Excellent product, helps in reducing body fat. Proven results documented after three weeks of use as per recommended dose.
Was this review helpful to you? YES / NO
5 out of 5 stars Seems to work for me
by from Saskatoon, SK on 25/9/2015
Recommends it to Friends: Yes
I have tried a few different supplements and have had the best of luck with this one. I take it 3 times a day when I eat a meal with a big glass of water and I have really noticed that I dont feel as hungry throughout the day. I have also limited my bread intake and try to exercise everyday. So far I have lost 7 pounds and I only want to lose 10. I think supplements work differently on each persons body, but I am quite happy with this one.
1 of 1 user found this review helpful. Was this review helpful to you? YES / NO
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