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Mcp-- Modified Citrus Pectin

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Soluble fibre that is modified to be absorbed into our bodies where it can help to prevent the growth and spread of cancer ...

Modified citrus pectin (MCP) is a long chain of sugar molecules bound together, in a carbohydrate called pectin. Pectin is found in most plants and is in high amounts in the peels of fruits like apples and citrus fruit. Normally pectin is not absorbed in our digestive tract and instead acts as a source of soluble fibre. MCP, on the other hand, has been modified to allow its absorption into our bloodstream. For more information on pectin, please click here.
This form of absorbable pectin has effects that are different from those of unmodified pectin. MCP can help to prevent the spread and growth of certain cancers. It has also been shown to help increase heavy metal detoxification.

Some early research has indicated that MCP may help to prevent the spread (metastasis) of certain cancers and can trigger some cancer types to "commit suicide" (apoptosis). There is preliminary research on the inhibition of metastasis in melanoma and prostate cancer by MCP. In addition to preventing metastasis, MCP has also been found to promote the apoptosis ("cell suicide") of certain types of cancer in the lab. This effect has been seen in cancer cell lines of: prostate, colon, breast, melanoma, multiple myeloma, and hemangiosarcoma (a cancer of the blood vessels). Thus, in certain types of cancer, MCP may be able to prevent growth and spread of the disease, although further research is needed to see if this effect occurs in the human body as well as the test tube.

Research has found that MCP taken orally can significantly increase the shedding of toxic metals in the urine. This makes it a gentler form of chelation therapy for removing heavy metal toxicity in the body than the commonly used intravenous (iv) therapies.

How can I take MCP?
Modified citrus pectin can be found in capsule or powder, and is often used in combination formulas for cancer treatment or detoxification. Often the recommended dosage is 5g (5,000mg) three times a day with meals. The dosage may vary depending on the brand or manufacturer of the supplement. When in doubt, follow the label directions.

Nutritional Information
mcp – quick facts
source· citrus fruit peel extract modified for bioavailability.
applications· cancer treatment and prevention, detoxification
optimum dosage
· not yet established. often recommended at a dose of 5g three times a day with meals. (clinical doses may be higher as recommended by your practitioner).
works well with
· antioxidants, vitamin c, other sources of soluble fibre for detoxification
important information
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· be cautious when combining with other chelation therapies as it can significantly increase the excretion of certain metals from the body.

· like other soluble fibre sources, mcp may slow or inhibit the absorption of other medications. do not take them at the same time.
for informational purposes only. please consult your health care practitioner before taking natural health care products. click here for full disclaimer.

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