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Natural Eggshell Membrane (N.E.M.)

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NEM – Crushed eggshells can be used in the garden to enrich the soil and help plants grow. It turns out they have a benefit for our own joint health, as well!

What is it?
Natural Eggshell Membrane (or NEM) is fairly new to the supplement market, but already attracting some loyal fans. Mind you, it doesn't hurt when Doctor Oz features Genuine Health's Fast Joint Care on his show, either!

NEM contains naturally occurring glycosaminoglycans and proteins that play a vital role in maintaining healthy joints and connective tissues.

n recent studies, NEM has been shown to both reduce pain and stiffness and increase range of motion in those individuals suffering from arthritis.

Osteoarthritis can affect any joint in the body, although it most commonly affects hands, knees, spine and hips. As we age, generally occurring after the age of 40, the body is no longer able to efficiently repair bone and cartilage in the joint. It is usually a slow process, resulting in deterioration and inflammation of the joint, leading to pain.

How it Works
Natural eggshell membrane naturally contains glucosamine, chondroitin, hyaluronic acid and Type 1 collagen, all of which have been studied and used individually and in some combinations for some time, as a means of supporting joint health. Because NEM is a naturally occurring, it is said to contain the necessary ratios of these substances in combination. It is believed that the combination of these substances in this form can serve to both treat the pain symptoms with its anti-inflammatory properties, as well as actually serve to re-build and repair connective tissue in the joint. Studies have shown NEM to reduce pain and stiffness by 50% in most study participants. These improvements were seen at all time intervals, including just 10 days following supplementation, although longer periods of use, 30 – 60 days, showed a more significant improvement. These quick and effective results are rarely seen with glucosamine alone.

Safety & Dosage Information
There have been no adverse side effects reported with the use of NEM. In studies side effects did not differ significantly from those individuals taking placebo. This is a bonus for arthritis sufferers who have been taking prescription and over the counter medications that can cause severe gastric irritation over time, like NSAIDs. Unlike some other commonly used supplements aimed at decreasing arthritis symptoms, NEM is recommended at a dosage of only 500 mg/day – equivalent to only one capsule a day in most cases.

Nutritional Information
natural eggshell membrane – quick facts
· osteo arthritis & joint problems
optimum dosage
· 500 mg/day
works well with
· fish oil, boswelia, curcumin, devil's claw, bromelain
important information

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· do not use if you have an allergy to eggs.
for informational purposes only. please consult your health care practitioner before taking natural health care products. click here for full disclaimer.

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