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Fikzol's Type II Collagen + MSM contains 100% pure chicken cartilage (cartilage similar to our own) and an added 270mg MSM to each capsule. Type II collagen has been proven to help rebuild cartilage by supplying the body with the proteins and other nutrients necessary. Fikzol has enhanced the formula by adding MSM which is known to improve cell wall respiration, moving nutrients and oxygen into cells and taking waste out, which in turn improves circulation. MSM is also known to boost energy levels and athletic performance, reducing muscle inflammation and joint pain. Type II Collagen + MSM is an ideal supplement for those concerned with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia or other painful joint concerns. [CAPSULE]

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Each capsule contains
Collagen Typle II (Chicken Cartilage)
Non-medicinal Ingredients
Magnesium Stearate, gelatin



180 Caps


Take 3 capsules twice daily. Take with food. For best absorption do not take or mix with protein powders, bars or other protein supplements. Avoid taking at bedtime

Important Information

If symptoms worsen, consult health care practitioner. Consult for use beyond 8 weeks. Use for a minimum of 4 weeks.

  • 100% Pure & Natural Collagen with MSM
  • Total joint and body care.
  • Helps maintain cartilage, joints, skin, eyes and cellular health.
  • Produces and maintains synovial fluids.
  • Clinically proven.

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Type II Collagen

There are four types of collagen in the body. Collagen type II is the primary component of cartilage, with types I and III also being present but to a lesser degree. Cartilage is the connective tissue disk that acts as a cushion and eliminates friction in your joints. As we age our ability to make collagen type II decreases and loss of collagen type II decreases the integrity of cartilage.

Wear-and-tear injuries occur in the joints and cause less support, less cushioning and more friction. Collagen type II also has anti-inflammatory properties, which help the joint to repair itself after injury. As a supplement collagen acts as a source of amino acids for use in making and repairing connective tissue all over the body. Thus collagen is used to repair skin that is damaged by wounds and burns. It heals skin ulcers by repairing the skin and increasing the integrity of the arteries and veins. Collagen is added to skin care products for topical application against wrinkles and age spots. Natural health practitioners also recommend collagen type II for joint injury, arthritis, joint inflammation, skin ulcers, burns and wounds.

Collagen type II can be found as encapsulated powder or liquid. It is usually combined with other joint repairing nutrients and vitamins. Collagen type II is found as a component of pain relieving and anti-inflammatory formulas. It is often added to anti-aging skin care products. Collagen type I and III are also available and should be used after good results are found with type II to further rebuild damaged joints or tissue.

There is no toxicity, side effects or contraindications for the use of collagen. Collagen should be taken with a juice that is high in vitamin C or a vitamin C tablet to improve its absorption. Depending on the severity of joint destruction collagen may need to be taken for a few months before results are seen.


A derivative of DMSO and is safer to use because it does not accumulate as rapidly in the body and does not have an offensive odour. As a source of organic sulphur, MSM helps to build protein, connective tissue, hormones and enzymes. Its pain relieving activity is believed to be fourfold. Firstly it can reduce the transmission of pain signals along nerve fibers.

Secondly it increases blood flow to an area. Thirdly it reduces muscle spasms. And lastly, MSM stops the release of inflammatory compounds. MSM can also help the body to detoxify by supporting the functioning of the liver. MSM can be helpful for those individuals who have inflammatory conditions like arthritis, lupus and interstitial cystitis, suffer from seasonal allergies, or have pain due to other health conditions.

MSM can be purchased as capsules or powder. Another name for MSM is DMSO2. It is combined with other anti-inflammatory agents in formulas for musculoskeletal health, allergies and pain relief. MSM is often added to creams and ointments for the healing of skin conditions and relief of joint pain.

Moisture and heat destroy the MSM content of foods and supplements. Take a vitamin C with your MSM to improve its effect. There is no known toxicity or side effects from MSM. The therapeutic effect of MSM may take 3 weeks to appear.

Joint Health

Conventional treatment of muscle and joint injury involves the use of anti-inflammatories and pain relievers. They take away the acute symptoms but do not help to heal the injured tissue. The use of such medications may make an individual return to activity too quickly, predisposing the area to re-injury.

First aid for muscle and joint injuries is easily remembered by the acronym RICE, Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. Immediately after the injury raise the area above the heart and apply ice for up to 20 minutes. Apply ice every 4 hours for 2 days. Only use heat after the initial swelling has subsided. Use a splint or sling to immobilize the area. Go to the hospital if there is significant swelling or if joint activity is compromised.

To prevent injuries include stretching in your warm up and cool down activities. Poultices made of goldenseal, fenugreek, flaxseed powder, turmeric or mustard can be used. They help to decrease swelling, decrease bruising and relax tense muscles. Horse chestnut seed gel can be applied topically for the same purpose.

To provide the body with the raw materials for tissue repair eat sufficient amounts of protein or use a protein supplement. Eat, or drink the juices of, raw fruits and vegetables including beets, garlic and radishes. They are packed with vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Drink at least 2L of filtered water to flush waste products from the damaged area.

To prevent muscle and joint injury eat chromium rich foods such as nutritional yeast, lobster and cheese. This ensures a steady supply of blood sugar to working muscles. Eat wheat germ because it contains octacosanol, which prevents strains by increasing muscle oxygenation, and vitamin E, which heals tissue. Eat oats because they contain the connective tissue supporting nutrient, silica.
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